What is Concentrated Studios?

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Usability: The Key to Design
A website, regardless of the value of its content or the functionality of its services offered, has limited value to its intended audience if the end-user can not easily and quickly navigate the site to reach their desired results/destination.

A simple redesign is generally not sufficient to truly identify and correct the root causes of the deficiencies in a site's design or information hierarchy; actual user evaluation and measurement of both qualitative and quantitative responses to a site is a critical step in establishing effective criteria for website redesign.

When proper usability research and analysis is completed, an effective design for a website can become self evident; therefore, the actual "design" stage of a website update/redesign is actually secondary to the prerequisite usability assessment.

What is Concentrated Studios?

Pure design, no filler, no additives. Creativity on demand. Concentrated Studios.

Concentrated Studios has the experience and track record of results you need, but can provide these services at a fraction of the cost, thanks to low overheads. Fancy design offices, sales teams, and assistants are nice.. but the client ends up paying for them. Not so with Concentrated Studios.

Concentrated Studios is a network of designers, videographers, web programmers, and marketing individuals that focuses on results. By utilizing a network of freelance designers across the country, Concentrated Studios provides affordable, scalable solutions for our clients, avoiding the usual overhead of offices, studios and support staff that most brick and mortar companies are forced to pay... expenses they pass on to their clients.

Instead of a full staff of design professionals on salary, Concentrated Studios is a network of home-based design freelancers that can be brought in as your project demands. The result? You only pay for the services you need. Bring on as many assests as you need to complete a project quickly, or work hands-on, one-on-one with the designer who will actually be doing the work completing your project.

By sticking to its concentrated business model, Concentrated Studios removes the expenses usually associated with a design firm. We concentrate on designs that work. We concentrate our efforts with clients that appreciate our approach, and we apply ourselves to every project as if it were our own.

Create. Communicate. Relate. It isn't just a catch phrase, it is at the core of how we complete our design work. We focus on creating design solutions that don't just look good, but actually work well. The best looking design in the world is nothing more than a self-indulgent art project if the intended audience can't relate to the message.

Concentrated Studios is a little different than your normal design house. Instead of focusing on how it looks, we concentrate on how it works. Our solutions are devloped around the fundamental principals of effective communication. We start with the goals of your project, and by taking into account the intended message and the target audience, we craft creative solutions that are designed to have the desired impact.

We create solutions that relate to your target audience, and help you communicate your intended message.

A brief bio of Concentrated Studio's founder, David Casto

If you would like to schedule a meeting, don't hesitate to contact us and provide us with a brief explanation of your project.

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