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A few pointers to keep in mind when starting a design or visual communications project.
  • What is it that you hope to accomplish?
  • Entertain? Sell? Educate? Inform? Brand? Start by setting and agreeing to basic project goals.

  • Set criteria for evaluating potential solutions.
  • Look at your desired goals and set criteria that will help the best solutions to your project stand out.

  • Keep it simple.
  • No, really. Don't get distracted by the latest trendes and technologies to the point that you lose sight of your underlying communication goals.

  • Don't be too critical
  • Especially when brainstorming potential solutions, Don't let criticism or negative comments derail the crative process. Nothing can stiffle creativity like naysayers.

  • Think like your audience.
  • Organize the project from the viewpoint of your intended audience. Don't assume your audience has the same knowledge base or point of view towards you or your project as thsoe invovled in your day to day operations. Get external input on what you are planning/hoping to accomplish

  • Divide and conquer
  • The larger and more complicated a poject is, the more it can tend to get mired down. Set deadlines and individual group responsibilities. Get agreement and acceptance on any given project's part, and move on. Avoid without revisting the same tasks over and over by division of labor, followed by group acceptance of completed work, and then moving on.

  • Evaluate when the job is done.
  • Once you think the job is finished, its time to get feedback. Ask your customers how they liked what was done. Ask for input for your next project, or for the next website update or redesign. Don't rest on your laurels, always be revaluating and improving anything that can help your bottom line.

Creative Design is not some magic or voodoo; when done well it thrives in an environment that appreciates research, evaluation, criticism, and most of all, process.
Visual Communication as a Process
Don't tell our college professors, but we are actually still using a few things that they taught us. Learn a little about the visual communication process.

Our solutions may not always off as avant garde or obscure as what some firms may offer, because we focus on solutions that will actually relate to the target audience as opposed to build some artsy portfolio. When we put our client's type to a page, our intent is to get that type to be read. We try to ensure that the message sent by our clients is the same message received by their intended audience. That is the key to effective communcation, and at Concentrated Studios we treat every design project as an exercise in effective visual communication.

We focus on crafting solutions that not only look good, but also work well. We approach what we do as a creative science, and we treat each of our client's prjects as if it were our own. Concentrated Studios strives to create a full range of visual communication solutions that actually relate to the intended audience and that successfully communicate our clients' intended message.

You can see some examples of the solutions that we have crafted by visting our portfolio page. You can also get a full listing of the services we offer. And we also are happy to provide some insight into the communication process and the visual communication model we use to help our clients succeed. And of course, you can always just contact us and arrange a meeting to discuss your next project today.

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