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Starting a new design project? Get a second opinion!
Even if you have an internal marketing department or a regular vendor that you use for design services, having an alternate firm review or evaluate a project from time to time can help ensure your project will be effective. Often, tackling a project from the inside of an organization lends itself to a limited interpretation of possible project solutions.

An outside consultation or evaluation can help by-pass organizational politics and internal structures that might have a negative effect on potential solutions. Get ideas from outside your normal realm, enhance your creative process, and ensure your approach stays fresh!


The following statements may be updated from time to time, so please check back periodically.

Confidential information
Any data we collect is strictly used for internal purposes only. Your personal name, address, email address, age, and telephone number are confidential and will not be posted anywhere on our website. We may contact you for administrative purposes regarding your account. We may also use this information to customize our website. Your confidential information will not be sold, disclosed, or otherwise made available to third parties unless you have provided us with specific permission to do so. We will only disclose this information only if it is requested by law enforcement officials.

Certain types of data, such as your IP address, browser, type of computer and operating system are collected automatically when you login, post information, or navigate through this website. We may document this type of data for use in diagnosing problems with our server, managing security, and for demographic reference and other internal business purposes. Again, we do not sell or make available this data to any third parties or persons other than hired staff and business associates working on behalf of Concentrated Studios. We will only disclose this information if it is requested by law enforcement officials.

All work we complete for you may be used as portfolio examples of our works for or website and/or other marketing materials unless otherwise agreed to in writing prior to being contracted to do any work.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the privacy of your information, feel free to ask us via our contact page

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