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A Visual Communication Model


make sure your audience can relate to your design solutionVisual Communication or Design and it's place
within the communication process: encoding

A Visual Communicator attempts to minimize interference in the communications process and aid the sender in getting the message across. My job is to understand my client and what they are hoping to communicate and then encode their message so that the audience gets as close to the intended message as possible.

Basic Encoding: The Visual Communications process
  • Define the problem/concept
  • Research the client, the competitiors, the audience and the message
  • Establish Criteria for design
  • Brainstorm of possible solutions
  • Evalutate solutions based on established criteria
  • Application of the design into media/production
  • Feedback/Evaluation.

Whatever you do, don't turn over a 'finished' project to a designer and just ask them to 'make it look good'. Appearance is secondary to functionality. Researching your audience - and into the efforts of your competitiors - and establishing some criteria for evaluating proposed solutions leads to design solutions with impact.
crreate deisgns that succeed

The only way a design can excel is if the encoding is understood as part of the larger process. The better the designer/visual communicator understands the big picture, the more successful design solutions will be. A designer needs to keep in mind:

  • the sender and their goals
  • the message and its desired effect
  • potential sources of noise and how that noise can be minimized or avoided and
  • the receiver and how they might interpret the message, based in large part on what the intended audience is used to seeing.

The encoding will only succeed if you take the time to look at the bigger picture, and attempt to take into consideration all the invovled parties and process of the act of communication.

Encoding is relating; it is making sure what is chosen to be encoded is what the sender really intends to communicate. We also make sure we encode the message in such a way that it is interpreted easily- with minimal noise- by the intended receiver.

Why are we bothering going over all this? Simple. Whether you select Concentrated Studios as your creative partner for your next design job or not.. we want you to succeed. And you simply won't succeed if you bring in your design element and only expect them to encode, without first giving your creative team a thorough grasp of the overall communication project's scope and goals. The research before the design process starts will have a direct effect upon how successful your end project will be.

Concentrated Studios... we create solutions that will communcate the desired message of our clients, and that relate to the intended audience.

Now that you have learned a litle about HOW we do what we do, why don't you see some examples of what we have done for a few of our other clients? You can also see a listing of services we can provide to you. Of course, you can always just contact us and arrange a meeting to discuss your next project today.

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